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  1. NEAUVIA,歐洲血統透明質酸,目前遍布於全世界56個國家,行政總部在瑞士,卻是源自於意大利的品牌。採用21世紀先進的技術,提取出前所未有的高純度透明質酸,迅速的在全球攻占市場,卓越的品質,領先的技術和平民的價位,已經逐漸的出現在大眾的視線裡,被越來越的人使用。NEAUVIA以系列分女性專用和男性專用,大中小分子以及唇部專用和私處專用,其中私處專用己經在國內一些比較大的整形機構普遍使用。素材提取無與倫比的純淨,運用嶄新PEG鏈結技術-更安全

  2. England’s 1-0 win over Denmark was the final chance for Roy Hodgson to cast his eye over the squad before he names his provisional 30 players for the World Cup. Here, Sportsmail’s top team of reporters have put themselves in Hodgson’s shoes and named their England squad for the World Cup. Who’s in your England squad? Sportsmail’s experts pick their line-up for the World Cup… now tell us the 23 men you would take to Brazil

  3. IAN HERBERT: Never in the 44 years since Liverpool icon Shankly stepped away from the Anfield helm has a manager seemed to echo the Scotsman and his philosophy quite so much. Is Jurgen Klopp the heir to Bill Shankly? Swashbuckling Champions League triumph would elevate him into pantheon of Anfield managerial greats

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